Thessaloniki Fedora 37 Release Party aftermath

Fedora Logo
The wait is over. Fedora 37 is available to download from the website. A reason to celebrate.

We, at Open Source UoM, organized a Fedora 37 Release Party. These kinds of events are organized around the world after the new version of Fedora is released. It is likely that it was the world’s first post-pandemic in-person Fedora 37 Release Party. There was an online Release Party, that showed us the way.

Being an organizer once again, I felt the joy of organizing an event, meeting friends, and discussing my favorite topic. Open Source UoM members and students of the University of Macedonia attended the party. Fortunately, every promo material I was sent, arrived on time and I gave it as a present to the party animals.
Fedora swag
Fedora swag
Fedora swag
We allocated little time for this event, about 25 minutes. That’s short but initially, I had thought it would be enough. It was worth mentioning what’s new in this release compared to the previous ones. Some of the attendees were interested in becoming Fedora contributors, so I pointed out the first steps.
Presenting Fedora
Due to the economic crisis and the pandemic, we contented ourselves with presenting and demonstrating the installation of Fedora 37. Personally, I used to order an awesome cake with Fedora logo on it.

We ended up having decided that we have to host another Fedora event to attract more students from the university.

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