ONLYOFFICE at FOSSCOMM 2022, Lamia-Greece

It is this time of the year when open source communities gather to present what is new. But the real reason is to meet our open source friends. This year, I had the opportunity to represent ONLYOFFICE at FOSSCOMM 2022 in Lamia.

For those of you who don't know, ONLYOFFICE is a powerful online office suite that combines text, spreadsheet, and presentation editors with a range of collaborative features. ONLYOFFICE has a solid commitment to open source software and regularly participates in conferences and events around the world to share knowledge and experience with the open source community.

At the FOSSCOMM conference, I had the chance to present the latest developments in the office suite and the benefits it brings to businesses and individuals. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about the many features of ONLYOFFICE, including real-time collaboration, document management, and integration with popular cloud storage platforms.

In addition to the presentation, ONLYOFFICE had a booth at the conference where attendees got hands-on demonstrations of the software. There asked questions about ONLYOFFICE since they weren't familiar with it. Actually they didn't know that it exist and it offers such features.

Overall, the ONLYOFFICE representation at the FOSSCOMM conference was a great opportunity for attendees to learn more about this innovative and powerful open source office suite and how it can improve their productivity and collaboration.


FOSSCOMM (Free and Open-Source Software Communities Meeting) is an annual national conference of free and open-source software communities. It is aimed at developers, students and generally anyone interested in open source regardless of their background. Open-source communities, developer groups and project contributors participate. The content is of broad interest, from technical issues and workshops, to translations, legal issues, free/open-source policy issues, etc.

Here you can see my presentation (in Greek):

Here you can find some pictures from the conference.

I would like to thank ONLYOFFICE for sponsoring my trip to Lamia.

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