I am going to KDE Akademy 2022

KDE Akademy 2022
Happy traveller is back. Happy open source conference guy is ready for another trip. This time my destination is KDE Akademy and Barcelona. It's my first time attending to Akademy and I am soooooo excited. It's also my second time in Barcelona. Thanks to my highschool, I have been to Barcelona participating in the Erasmus + mobility program (article in Greek). According to the legent, maybe me kissing weird things in Girona worked just fine (click to see the picture).

You don't need to be a "KDE expert" to join, I know I am not. If you're interested in KDE you should really attend if you can (in person if possible), and not only the weekend of talks, but the whole week! And you should register today!

For those of you who know me, I used to attend conferences alone. This time we are 3 people from my university, the University of Macedonia. We have a newly formed Open Source Team and I would like to bring more people with me, to join global communities.

I will keep this short. More to come soon.

I would like to thank KDE and the community for the opportunity to join such a big conference. I am so happy that I will meet you in person after those 2 years of COVID-19 era.

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