FOSDEM 2k20 aftermath

Nextcloud, ONLYOFFICE, DAVx5

Every year, the first conference I attend is FOSDEM. 2020 is no different (check last year). This year was a Coronavirus panic, at least back in Greece. So we had to be prepared for the situation (as much as we can). Although news frightened us, there weren't many people wearing masks.

My trip this time was via Athens. The "bad" thing was that I woke up pretty early in the morning. The "good" thing was that I met with my friend Fani (read her blog about FOSDEM) and we traveled together to exotic Charleroi. It was her first FOSDEM. The differences between this year and the past years were:
1. the Airbnb we've found was literally in the Grand Place. Well, it was about 4-5 minutes' walk by all the needed places we wanted to go to.
2. we bought a MOBIB Basic for a cheaper fare (at least for next year) and also for not searching the machine to buy a ticket.

On Friday we tried to go to FSFE PRE-FOSDEM event, but we missed to meet on time with my friend Isabel. So we managed to arrive at the end. We met there my friends Luis and Axel. So we went straight to Beer Event. Well, it was the first time we arrive early and finally had a BEEEEEEEERRRRRR!!!!!!! :-)

Me, Fani, Isabel, Luis on our way to Delirium
Me, Fani, Isabel, Luis on our way to Delirium

The first FOSDEM day, we arrived at Nextcloud booth, early in the morning. I was so glad to meet Jos once again and also my friends from Nextcloud, ONLYOFFICE, and DAVx5. 3 projects together, awesome team. Personally, I'm involved in ONLYOFFICE translating and promoting it in Greece, and I also translate DAVx5.

Although this year we had 2 tables for 2 days (other projects booked a table only for a day), we were at building H, far from building with project booths. Not sure if it was a good thing or bad. We were outside of many presentation rooms (meaning people during their stay in queue to enter, they had the opportunity to pass by). Personally, I think that even with one table at the booths building is better because everyone knows that building K has all the project booths.

Many people stopped by, 95% of them knew and use Nextcloud. Only few knew about Nextcloud Hub, so during FOSDEM, we focused on that. Strange enough, all the Greeks were asking me about Nextcloud. Since we mentioned Greeks, I met a lot of Greek friends, I usually meet at conferences. I was surprised by one Greek who pointed on me and he said: "I know you". Well, I guess many people know me. I'm heavily involved in the FOSS movement in Greece and worldwide. I talk to conferences, I attend many of them. I also write articles that are reproduced. Why are you surprised?

We've been to building K many times. Meaning took a lot of swag. Well, not for us but for people in Greece who couldn't come to FOSDEM. People of the project might look me maliciously when I take loads of stickers and swag in general, from their booths. If you are one of them and you are reading this, please don't make me feel bad. I distribute your swag to LUGs and hackerspaces in Greece and I also put them on my booth when I join a Greek conference. On the other hand, if you want to send more to me, you can mail me (see social media on the top right corner).

Although I've been to Brussels 3 times, no sightseeing, no live presentation. I always say that this year I will attend a presentation but usually I end up watching at my home wearing PJ and slippers. Hopefully next time, at least I can go one day earlier or leave a day later, so I will have a free day to see the city. This time I had the chance to visit Manneken Pis because it was 4 minutes from our Airbnb.

Stathis at Manneken Pis

This year, I didn't take videos to create a VLOG. I did it last year. I also have some videos from previous conferences but no time to edit them.

You can read the post of my friends at ONLYOFFICE.

To end this post, I would like to thank Nextcloud, for sponsoring my trip.

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