FOSDEM 2019 aftermath

Nextcloud at FOSDEM
Nextcloud group

One more year visiting Brussels to visit the ultimate FOSS conference, FOSDEM 2019. This is my second year.

My trip was easy. A stop in Rome and then Charleroi. Bought tickets online for a shuttle bus to Brussels (I write this for the people who read this for the first time and they want to attend to FOSDEM). In Rome, I met two friends from my Nextcloud presentations in Greece. It was their first time visiting FOSDEM conference.

The first time it was all new and unknown. This time, I tried to attend as many talks as possible, but I failed. Well, the first day I had to cover Nextcloud booth and the second day (usually is calmer), after I left Nextcloud booth to walk around the campus and check if there's a talk for me, I missed the notification on signal about the group picture. So that's why I'm not in the group picture.

FOSDEM supposed to be all about the talks but usually is all about meeting new people and have a conversation outside of the talks. Also as far as I know, if I want to see a specific talk, I have to sit in the room early in the morning because rooms are crowded for the whole day. Also, there's a plus, that you can watch all the talks from your computer at home wearing slippers and pajamas.

FOSDEM usually starts on Friday at Delirium Cafe (map) with the beer event. The place is awesome and it has plenty of beers but you better go little early. It'll be crowded and you might have to wait 30 mins to get your beer.

Stathis at Delirium Cafe

The first conference day is all about finding the buildings, rooms, etc and also the booths of my fav projects.

One of my favs is openSUSE booth. Beer is always the no1 item that people are interested (obviously). Free stickers and Linux magazine. GNU Health was also there.

openSUSE booth at FOSDEM 2019
openSUSE booth

Next stop GNOME booth. This year is special for me because GUADEC will be held at my city.

GNOME booth at FOSDEM 2019
GNOME booth

And finally Nextcloud booth where it was the place I talked to many people about the project.

Nextcloud booth at FOSDEM 2019
Nextcloud booth

I had the chance to take a picture with an elephant. Relax, the PostgreSQL one.

PostgreSQL at FOSDEM 2019

During those 2 days, I met many Greek friends from FOSS communities. I also met some friends who moved to Belgium due to Greek's financial issues.

Here is a video:

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To end this post, I would like to thank Nextcloud, that sponsored my trip.

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