An awesome KDE Akademy is over. Hello Thessaloniki!!!

This year, I had the amazing opportunity to attend KDE Akademy in person for the first time! The host city was Barcelona. It is my second time visiting the city but it was my first time to attend KDE Akademy. Actually it was my first KDE event.

For KDE friends who don't know me, I mainly contribute to openSUSE, GNOME, Nextcloud, ownCloud and GNU Health. I have fewer contributions to Fedora, Ubuntu and ONLYOFFICE and a few here and there to FOSS projects.

Question. Why did you attend KDE Akademy? Two were the reasons. The first and main reason was to see the organization of the conference from the inside, since my University will host the next KDE Akademy. The second reason was to "introduce" myself to the KDE community, since I contribute to other projects. Actually, I know a person from the KDE board but community is not only one person.

The only familiar person I could meet was openSUSE's community manager. Unfortunately he couldn't attend, so he asked me to represent openSUSE. The duties were to have a booth and present something openSUSE related for 3 minutes. I had an idea to propose my friend George to do his first presentation to an open source conference and start his open source journey. He was very excited and he did it.

Day 0

There was a welcome event on Friday for us, where attendees got to know each other. Unfortunately, my flight was delayed and I arrived too late to attend the event. So I stayed at the hotel and tried to rest for my first Akademy day. I felt like going to school.

Day 1

The first thing we had to do was set up our booth. Well, the only promo material we had was stickers. I think all geeks like stickers so it was the best gift for everyone. I love stickers, not only from openSUSE but from other projects as well.
Stathis at openSUSE booth
During setting up the booth, I met the rest of the guys from the sponsors like Ubuntu, Fedora, Qt and Slim Book.

I attended quite a few interesting talks: Food at the coference wasn't the best for my taste. Maybe it's me. But the most interesting part of the conference was the fact that I had the chance to meet realy important people, developers that changed my point of view on softare developement.

You can see the first day, Room 1 here:

Day 2

After having fun the first day, I was excited for the second day. The first reason was that George and I (actually only George) will have the sponsor talk and the second reason was that the fact that the organizers would announce the place of next year's Akademy. Of cource that place is Thessaloniki and my University.

I attended quite a few interesting talks: You can see the second day, Room 1 here:
Unfortunately I didn't have any team to join the next BoFs days. I had a small hope that we could setup the working environment for the next Akademy but that didn't happen.

We didn't join the trip to the mountain. We went to see the city. It was my second time and I skipped some sites.

I really loved my first KDE Akademy. I would like to thank KDE ev that sponsored my trip to attend the Akademy.

I have a lot of stuff to work here with the organizing committee.
We are working to host you all next year.

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