Nextcloud conference 2019 aftermath

Nextcloud Conference 2019 group picture
Nextcloud Conference 2019

Nextcloud conference 2019. One more year, one more conference. I lost count how many times I've been to Berlin but I surely know that I've been to all Nextcloud conferences since the beginning of the project. It was a pleasure to join the conference once again and help my friend Jos and Marinela to organize it. This year I was also happy because we were 4 Greeks. I hope next year to attend more.

We went a day before to help set up the main hacking room. Tables, chairs, drinks, signs, registration bags, name tags, etc. All set for the big registration day.

The conference started with an opening keynote from Frank Karlitschek (CEO of Nextcloud). He, with a little help from some developers, analyzed what's new and polished on Nextcloud 17. Remote Wipe was something I wasn't aware of and it's so cool. It allows users and administrators to forcibly clean files from remote devices, for example in case they are stolen. Also announced a doubling of Nextcloud security bug bounties to USD 10.000. Personally, I don't follow the security part of Nextcloud but it sounds so awesome that the company doubles the bug bounties, which means the product is solid. For more info about the announcements, you can read the article.

Something that got me from the keynote was the developer program. Even if you are not a programmer (like me), you can read the documentation and you can start building your own application on Nextcloud.

After the keynote, the program continued with many talks about privacy-invasion, security threats, a panel on Public Money, Public Code, and dozens more subjects covered in the lightning talks. One of the lightning talk was from our Google Summer of Code student, Fani Dimou. Her talk had to do with Nextcloud Pi. She wrote all her results on her blog. You can see more here.

There were more interesting talks, you can watch them all here:

Day 1

Day 2

During the conference, there were booths from companies and open source projects. I was representing GNOME. I had some T-Shirts from GUADEC.

Nextcloud Conference 2019 GNOME booth

Regarding Berlin, I've been many times already. This year I managed to see 4 new sights (Stasi museum, Teufelsberg, Olympiastadion and Bundestag Dome). The standard was C-Base. I do it every year. This time we had an official tour by our friend Marie.

I would like to thank Nextcloud for sponsoring me to join the conference.

Nextcloud Conference 2019 closing
Nextcloud Conference closing

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