FOSSCOMM 2018 aftermath


FOSSCOMM (Free and Open Source Software Communities Meeting) is the pan-Hellenic conference of free and open source software communities. It is addressed at programmers, students and anyone else interested in the open source movement, despite their background. This year hosted by our friends at Heraklion, Crete.

Personally, I've been to many conferences during the year and I wanted to present the projects I'm rooting for.

I applied for 3 talks, all on Saturday.

My first talk was about GNOME. It's a talk from FOSSCOMM 2013 but with new information and of course main reason was to promote GUADEC 2019. The file of the talk are on Github.

My friend Kyriakos interviewed me about GNOME. Here you can find the video:

My second talk was about Nextcloud. Usually I make a general talk about Nextcloud and then Panteleimon Sarantos follows with Nextcloud Pi. This year, I preferred to use Frank's keynote at Nextcloud conference. I would like to thank him providing me his files. I made some minor changes. You can find the file on Github.

My friend Kyriakos interviewed me about Nextcloud. Here you can find the video:

Finally, a very cool project that I'm fired up lately is GNU Health. So my third and final talk had to do with it. The reason that I'm fired up is because openSUSE sponsors the project, and also because it's closer to my profession. I would like to thank Dr Luis Falcon and Axel Braun. I met them at openSUSE conference 2018 and I liked the project. I wanted to get involved so I started promotion and translation. So I asked them for their presentation files and I made a mix of them. The file I used are on Github.

This conference isn't only about presenting but it's also socializing. I met my FOSS friends. I talk to them over the internet and I surely meet them once a year.

I had a booth with promo materials from all 3 projects and some I got from my trips to other conferences abroad. Since I was there to promote GUADEC, I invited as many people as I could as volunteers and I also invited as many sponsors as I could find.

Here are some pictures...

FOSSCOMM day 1, openSUSE-GNOME-GNUHealth booth
FOSSCOMM Day 1 at the booth

FOSSCOMM GNOME presentation
FOSSCOMM minutes before my GNOME presentation.

FOSSCOMM GNUHealth presentation
GNUHealth presentation

FOSSCOMM day 2, openSUSE-GNOME-GNUHealth booth
FOSSCOMM Day 2 at the booth

FOSSCOMM, openSUSE-GNOME-GNUHealth booth with promo materials
FOSSCOMM booth, promo materials

When they will upload our talks, I will add them here.

I would like to thank GNOME Foundation for sponsoring my trip to Heraklion.

Sponsored by GNOME Foundation

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