What happened @FOSSCOMM2016, April 16-17 2016 @ University of Pireaus

As I previously wrote, I went to Athens to attend the FOSSCOMM annual conference.

I applied to present something related to openSUSE (I was at the booth) and also to ownCloud.

Kick off the conference, my presentation was about my favourite version, openSUSE Tumbleweed. I used the structure of Richard's article.
The audience was aproximately 20 people. Actually it was the first presentation of the day, right after keynote (at the other room). The good thing was that more came at the booth and they were asking about Tumbleweed and Leap.
We had limited amount of swag to give away.

Here you can find the presentation file. Feel free to use it.


Presentation was pretty interesting. I had the main room and the audience was about 50 people. I showed what is cloud, why we use it, what is good and what is bad cloud service and what's cool with ownCloud. I showed what's new on version 9.0. Right after the presentation I was asked about encryption (files and mails). Is it on server side or on sender side?
I had some leaflets and stickers with me. I left them at the registration desk and some at other booths, so if anyone was insterested on ownCloud, he/she could find me at the openSUSE booth.

Here is the presentation file (it's the same that we all use + conference promo).

Some pictures:

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