Presentation: How to choose cloud service? Why choose ownCloud?

On Sunday, March 5th, 2015, I had the chance to present an awesome subject about cloud service/technology and ownCloud.

First of all, I made the promotion of the presentation by creating events at social media:
Google Plus

If there's a conference, I try to use lanyard.
I invited as many people as I could. I promoted those 2 event pages at forums, lists etc. There was a positive feedback.

About 20 people came. There were many of them I see for the first time.
I wasn't told what level the audience would be. So I decided to include everything in it, check audience level during the time of the presentation and decide what to focus on.

My presentation had the following sections:
1. What is cloud. What was the need to create such technology.
2. What kind of cloud services there are available.
3. What ownCloud provides us.
4. How we can setup an ownCloud instance for home use (tutorial with SQLite and MariaDB on Debian and openSUSE).
5. Small workshop-> testing it with
6. Basic use of the apps
7. Integration with Android
8. ownCloud community

You can download the presentation file from my github.

A video will be available soon (in Greek).
You can check pictures at events (Google Plus has the most of them).

Here is the poster:

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