Install ownCloud client on openSUSE

There are many posts about ownCloud here.
We've seen how to install servers. But what about desktop client? Klaas and his friends (sorry friends, I know Klass from openSUSE), made pretty good job on sync your desktop computer with server.

Lately I worked ownCloud-openSUSE wiki. So I wanted to write this post about installing desktop client on openSUSE.

1. Install desktop client using 1-cick-install: Go to ownCloud client desktop installation page and choose openSUSE. There are all versions of openSUSE 1-click install links.

For 13.1 (current version) is the following

ownCloud client

ownCloud repository

ownCloud overview

ownCloud finish

2. Run the client and setup the instance: Find the ownCloud client and run it. You have to setup the client with server/username/password etc.

Write the server URL:
ownCloud server URL

Write your username and password:
ownCloud username and password

Setup the folders you want to sync:
ownCloud folders

You're all set. Connect to server.
ownCloud connect

3. Sync desktop with server: Your desktop will start sync with server.

Everything is synced.
ownCloud synced

There's an indicator that shows your desktop is synced. You can open local folder, server folder, properties etc by clicking on this icon (the cloud with temperature is GNOME weather extension):
ownCloud indicator

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