FOSSCOMM 2012, Serres-Greece, report: openSUSE, Gnome, ownCloud, Animal Shelter Manager

Fosscomm is the annual conference of the Greek Free Software communities. This year took place on May 12-13 and I had 4 presentations.
We organized the road trip with friends from Thessaloniki.

I setup the booth for Greek Gnome Community. I gave to visitors Gnome swag and information about Gnome Shell, Gnome future technologies. Most of the visitors were using Gnome Panel in the past and they loved it. Gnome Shell was kind of difficult for them to adjust, but I encouraged them to join my presentation about Gnome extensions. One of my first slides were how to change the Gnome Shell to fallback mode, something that looks like the old Gnome Panel.
Here some pictures.

openSUSE medical project

openSUSE medical project, is a medical oriented flavor of openSUSE. I presented the project, what's in it now and the future of the project. I had some buttons with me that I gave to the audience. You can find my presentation (in Greek) here.
Here's the picture:


ownCloud is an awesome tool for store files, calendar, contacts, bookmarks etc. It was one of the projects that I worked a lot before the conference. I had some swag that I made myself and also some livecds with the openSUSE's owncloud in a box appliance.
See my presentation:
Some pictures:

Animal Shelter Manager

Animal Shelter Manager is an open source project that helps Animal Shelters to manage their animals and publish them to the web, so the animals can be adopted by pet lovers. I had with me livecds based on Gnome with the program. Fortunately, local animal shelter president and assistants contacted me and they're interested to apply it to their shelter. I guess I have to visit them again ;-)
The presentation:

Some pictures:
Family picture:
Thank you SerLUG for the conference.

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