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Yesterday I was called by a friend to #debian-gr IRC channel to help someone with his new GNOME installation. Well, one of his questions was "how can I downsize the icons of the overview?".

This was the first time someone asks me this. I find the size of the icons very good. I mean the icons are big and I cann read-watch them very easy. Anyway, I started searching how to do that (if I can do that). I came up that if someone wants to do that, he/she has to change the following css file:

sudo gedit /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/gnome-shell.css

Personally I don't have a clue about css but it's quite easy I think to do that.

Find the section that describes the icon size and table structure. Chnage only the numbers. Here the structure of the code is kind of different because of the blogging system.

.icon-grid {
spacing: 36px;
-shell-grid-item-size: 118px;

.icon-grid .overview-icon {
icon-size: 96px;

And change the numbers according to your display.

.icon-grid {
spacing: 25px;
-shell-grid-item-size: 50px;

.icon-grid .overview-icon {
icon-size: 50px;

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