openSUSE Conference 2012 - Prague here I come!!!

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Every year, openSUSE organize openSUSE conference (oSC), presenting many interesting new technologies, community organization and many more.
Last two years, Nuremberg was the place (since SuSE offices are located there). The openSUSE Conference 2012 takes place next week from October 20th to 23rd at the Czech Technical University in Prague.
This year the community found great idea to have 4 conferences in one.
It's called Bootstrapping Awesome.
Except oSC, the other three are
  • Gentoo Miniconf
  • Linux Days (in Czech language)
  • SuSE Labs
 You can find the schedule here.

With this post, I would like to thank openSUSE community and organizers bcause they accepted my presentation and they sponsored me.

My presentation is on Monday, October 22nd. Room called Riker @ 17:00.
Please bring pen or pencil with you. You'll need it (although I know you prefer to use Vim).

You can also see me @ Speedy Geeko presentation. My presentation is related to my studies. So if you own a dog, you should be there.

Some interesting reasons why to go to oSC? Check out the interviews of some speakers:

Don't forget...
Have a lot of fun!!!

Efstathios Iosifidis

openSUSE and GNOME foundation member

I'm Farm Animal Manager and dairy products technician looking for new opportunities.

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