Report from Nextcloud hackathon in Thessaloniki-Greece, Feb 12

Netclouders, you can read my blog about my presentations in Greece. I had plans to have a meetup or hackathon or whatever do you want to call it and do some dirty work. I'm not familiar with programming so the only thing I thought was translation in Greek. It's important to translate Nextcloud (not only Greek) because there are people who doesn't speak English.

This was my first attempt to gather people who care and want to contribute to Nextcloud. Although it was in person only in Thessaloniki, anyone could help from home.

The facebook event page was a place where we used it to post the important links, where we can find help-dictionaries and finally post the pictures from the event.

We joined about 6 people (Alexandros, Salih, Argiris, Helen, Dimitris and Me) and had a small one on one session on how to use transifex (session meaning 1 minute only and if the translator had a question how to use, just ask the more expirienced).

Translators who used is transifex for the first time, had only the untranslated strings. More expirienced translators reviewed strings one by one for specific files. The result was that we finished about 3 big and core files for the server and about 300 untranslated strings.

We have 1250 untranslated strings left. We plan to organize another meetup either in Thessaoniki or Athens to translate the rest of the strings.

I would like to thank Dimitrios Katsikas for the pictures.
Here are some pictures:

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