ownCloud presentation at IEEE University of Piraeus Student Branch, Nov 9th

Since I was around for FOSSCOMM, my friends from IEEE University of Piraeus Student Branch and IEEE Student Branch TEI of Piraeus , asked me to present ownCloud at their University on Nov 9th.

They did a pretty good job promoting the event, not only on social media but at their university as well.
Here is their facebook event page.

The presentation had sections:

1. What is the best cloud solution and why?
2. How to use ownCloud.
3. How to install ownCloud on Banana Pi.
4. Hands on how to use ownCloud.

Everything went smoothly except the Banana Pi installation due to network glitch.
So we started using onwCloud on demo instance.
After the presentation we had couple of storage questions such as network shares, google drive etc.

Here is the presentation file I used.

Here are some pictures from the event.



After the presentation we went out for a drink since the weather was sunny.


For more pictures, check the Flickr album

Here is the video:

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