Presentation report: "Basic use of ownCloud" - November 12th, Thessaloniki, Greece

ELLAK, Aristotele University of Thessaloniki and GreekLUG organize seminars about software and services for small and medium-sized enterprises (in Greek).

On November 12th (in Greek), I presented cloud services and the basic use of ownCloud.
How a small enterprise can take advantage of ownCloud. How the end users or the employees can use ownCloud for more productivity?

We had live streaming and people could see the presentation live.
There was an ownCloud instance and each participant had his own username/password. So they were practicing what I was showing them at the presentation.
First of all, they didn't know what cloud is. I gave them the example of Android and Google.
A question that came up were about the space-server, where someone can setup ownCloud. In Greece, you cannot setup ownCloud at home because the bandwith of ISPs suck. Only hosting is good enough, unless someone pays for VDSL (it's still expensive for home use). Also another question was about how safe is. It's as safe as you set it up.

Here is the file I used (English). Feel free to download and change it.

I had left over swag from previous conferences I've been, so participants took everything. I also had the liveISO (ownCloud in a box) with me to give away.

Here are some pictures from the presentation:

Here is the video of the presentation (Greek):

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