Very easy and fast way to install ownCloud 7

Right after ownCloud 7 release, I started to test it on my Raspberry Pi. Here are some tutorials about how to install it. Unfortunately, it's not that fast and it doesn't give me the full experience of ownCloud so I'll try to enter Banana Pi competition.

The reason of this post, is to show everyone that it's way too easy to install ownCloud.

1. Download the file setup-owncloud.php and place it in the server folder. You can create one folder eg owncloud and put it there.

2. Open your browser to the address

Web Installer

3. The installation proposes you to install ownCloud in the directory ownCloud. So when you open it, it'll be like http://serverIPadress/owncloud/owncloud, something that you don't want it. So if you type a dot (.), it'll install it inside the parent folder (http://serverIPadress/owncloud).

Web Installer

4. If everything went OK, it'll return you the result.

Web Installer

5. Now you're ready to create the administrator user and password. Also at Storage/Database, you better put the data file outside the installation folder due to security reasons.

Web Installer

WARNING: If you have many users, DON'T use SQLite (default). Hit Storage/Database and change it there.

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