openSUSE: Choose Enlightenment during fresh installation

As you probably know, openSUSE provides Enlightenment as 5th official desktop environment. You either can install it from openSUSE repositories or you can fresh install it using the network install ISO. Check out how to do that:

1. Download network install ISO.
2. Burn or create a media with that ISO.
3. Boot and start installation of openSUSE.
5. There's a step where you choose the GUI you prefer. There's an option for Enlightenment Desktop.

Enlightenment Desktop

The only "negative" is that during installation, you should have internet plugged on your computer (ethernet). That mean you cannot have wireless (or at least I couldn't find the way to do that). Another solution might be to have USB theathering from your Android phone (NOT TESTED).

More information about Enlightenment, check out our portal.

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