Report: FOSSCOMM 2013, April 20-21 @ Harokopio University


FOSSCOMM 2013 is the annual gathering of communities. This year I participated with 5 presentations with ownCloud, openSUSE and Gnome. Let's see what happened.

April 19th: We went to for the openSUSE 12.3 release party.
openSUSE 12.3 Release Party, (Athens) April 19th

You can see some pictures from there at Facebook or Google Plus event pages. Later that evening, the organizers booked us a table for their "traditional" beer event.
Beer Event FOSSCOMM 2013

April 20th-21st: Let's start:
1. ownCloud
I had to wait for the key note speak to end. During that period, I installed my Raspberry Pi and the router I brought from home.
ownCloud on Raspberry Pi

The presentation was pretty cool. Lot of interesting questions. I hope everyone is satisfied. If you need more info, you can subscribe to mailing list
ownCloud presentation

If you want to see my presentation, you can download it from the link.

2. Enlightenment on openSUSE.
I presented Enlightenment on openSUSE with my friend Alexandros-Panagiotis Natsios. He's more experienced on Enlightenment. I started the social media and Wiki page part of the E17. Download the presentation from the link.
Enlightenment on openSUSE

This one was my favourite. Vincent Untz did it at FOSDEM 2013. I liked it and I translated it. Totally different from other GNOME presentations but funny. We saw some myths and facts of GNOME community. You can download my presentation from the link.

4. openSUSE 12.3
Usually we present openSUSE as distro and community together. This time, we had seperate the distro from community. You can download my presentation from the link.

5. #oSC13 @ Thessaloniki, July 18-22
The most important presentation was the openSUSE Conference 2013. With my friend Stella Rouzi, we analyzed how we got the global opebSUSE conference in Greece and why someone should attend.
openSUSE conference 2013

Download the presentation file from the link.

The organizers edit the videos from our presentations, so when we'll have the links, I'll update this post.

Since I had plenty of swag to give away, I had the booths for:

openSUSE booth

openSUSE conference 2013

owbCloud booth

Here are sets of pictures from FOSSCOMM.

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  1. Pretty good

    I love this kind of report, easy and quickly to read, also I downloaded your Why openSUSE, and wow brilliant presentation, definitely a good one to be translated to Portuguese

    congratulations to you and all geekos involved that make this happen


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