openSUSE conference 2012 report

Now that the openSUSE conference is over, I will write this report to tell you about my experience.

Although I wrote what happened the first day, I didn't have much time to write something for the other days.

The first day, I helped setting up the booth. I had the opportunity to be at some presentations. The one that was very interesting for me was the "Online translation using Weblate", since I'm translation coordinator for Greek Language.

The second day, I was at the press room and helped the guys spam the social media. There were couple of presentations I would like to see such as "Unity on openSUSE". But I can see the recorded videos. At the end of the day, we changed venues. Unfortunatly, the second venue wasn't operatable. So all Greeks helped the organizers to setup the basic structure of the venue.

So, the third day was the day of my presentation (nonverbal communication). I would like to thank openSUSE for accepting my presentation and also sponsoring my trip to the conference.

The last day had a presentation called "Optimizing boot time, aka 2 sec boot" but I was at Kostas presentation about presenting our proposal for the next openSUSE conference to be held in Thessaloniki.

Apart from the presentations, I was happy that I met people I'm talking on the IRC. Also we had a lot of fun with the rest of the Greeks after the presentations.

Me and some of my Greek friends, visited SUSE's offices.

To rap it up, you can find the videos here:

1. Bambuser
2. Youtube playlist
4. Youtube uploads

There are plenty of pictures. Check out pictures from Plus event.

The presentations (files-videos etc) can be found at the page

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